As with cock fighting, dog fighting is another serious issue and bloodsport that still continues to be widely operated in the USA. ARM has worked relentlessly in exposing its presence and has recovered several ‘bait dogs’ and ex-fighting dogs during our operations. Recently, ARM investigators rescued a female pit bull mix who was so exhausted from a fresh attack that she was unable to walk. Her body was covered in battle scars and fresh wounds. After receiving medical attention, she went on to a loving family and is in the process of recovering from her torturous past.

The dogs, which are usually pit-bulls, are bred and taught from birth to be violent killers. To teach the puppies these skills, breeders and ringleaders use submissive and smaller ‘bait dogs’ which are often stolen pets or obtained from ‘free to good home’ ads. ‘Bait dogs’ are used so that the fighting dogs can develop a killer instinct and taste for blood as they kill each bait dog. The dogs are also beaten, starved and aggravated constantly to increase their aggressiveness. Once in a fight, the weaker, dominated dog will die due to excessive blood loss, shock, exhaustion, dehydration or infection. The dog is then discarded with no value, whilst the people attending the event continue to gamble and cheer on the fights and cash in on the dogs brutal deaths.

The overbreeding of pit-bulls has also created a social dilemma as many end up in shelters and due to the over population of this breed, they are often the most likely to be euthanized.