Investigators of ARM have been embedding themselves deep undercover in the dark and twisted underworld of the Bestiality industry over the last two years. Bestiality involves sexual acts with animals and the USA is considered to be the Bestiality capital of the world. Animal brothel farms are on the rise due to the high demand of having sex with animals to satisfy sadistic, sexual fantasies. Organized bestiality farms are setup throughout various states where people travel from around the world and pay a fee to violate and have sex with an animal, with no questions asked.

Following our investigations, ARM now has extensive evidence of practices, individual’s names and locations of organized sex parties etc and is close to implementing the final phase of this investigation. This operation has involved intense communications on the internet where websites and chat-rooms are set up to gloat and promote parties and organized sex clubs where couples and individuals meet at bars and socialize on a monthly basis. They then proceed to undisclosed locations where they are free to sexually violate any animal of their choice and degree. Often animals die from severe internal hemorrhaging as a result of sex toys and baseball bats being repeatedly forced into their orifices. They also die from shock, loss of blood, disease and infection.

Animals in some cases have had to be euthanized, following extreme sexual molestations by a human. Participants of these acts also hire videographers or obtain their own home made movies and post them on sites for others to view and swap. Dogs, horses, Lamas and even mice are subjected to these acts of un-consented ‘rape’ and abuse.

ARM is also investigating people who are pimping out their animals on various websites and on craigslist. The host will invite people to come over and pay to have sex with their animals for a fee. Some dog owners have advertised their animals as novice, intermediate or advanced in sexual acts with humans as well as sexual preferences and will post pictures and video soliciting such activities on a public forum which ARM monitors. ARM has worked relentlessly with politicians in Washington D.C to use the famed case of Watcom County, Washington as a template for the Bestiality Act in Florida.

The 2010 case of Douglas Spink, convicted coke and drug king pin and once millionaire turned animal sex trafficker and brothel owner, brought the spotlight onto the Bestiality and animal sex tourism industry as the worst case in the US.  Spink’s ‘farm’ was visited by tourists around the world and played host to a variety of animals that were pimped out for sex.

Once tipped off, Federal agents raided and shut down the operation where half of the animals had to be euthanized due to internal injuries and extreme sexual abuse. Following the Spink case, ARM provided documentation and footage to the Florida House of Representatives State Senator Nan Rich and Florida State Representative Martin Kiar who sponsored the Bill. Florida House Majority leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera and Fl Representative Joseph Abruzzo were also key players in concreting the Bestiality Act of 2010 into effect.

Florida’s Bestiality law in 2010 now makes it a first degree misdemeanor and serves a $3,500 fine and one year in jail. Bestiality has also been outlawed and made illegal in 38 states in the US. Undercover members of ARM Investigations have been approached to participate in sexual acts with animals and have been sent video and pictures which are extremely graphic. Bestiality activities are more prevalent than the public is aware of as our evidence clearly proves from the online forums which ARM Investigations monitors.

ARM continues to infiltrate this society and has upcoming plans to expose this perverted industry, educate of its presence and identify leaders as well as enforce heavy penalties under the Bestiality Law of Florida of 2010.