On October 6th, 2016, Hurricane Matthew began to plot its course of destruction up the entire coast of Florida – which also calls home to ARMs newly developed animal sanctuary. Matthew was quickly titled as the worst hurricane threat in eleven years and targeted not only the majority of Florida, but left a deadly mark on the Bahamas, Haiti and Cuba before it pummeled towards the U.S at unrelenting speeds. Whilst the hurricane hovered right above the sanctuary, evacuations were being enforced just 5 miles east of the location. As a result, winds of over 90 mph and heavy downpours destroyed many of the structures that are used daily by ARM, and the animals. Large trees fell down on the fence lines, electrical wires were severed and debris piled up over the property.

Thankfully all of the rescue animals, who are permanent residents of the Sanctuary, remained safe and sound throughout the harrowing experience. Being that the sanctuary has only recently been acquired and is a work in progress, the property took some devastating hits.
Power and water have still not been restored due to the severe damage.

ARM’s staff and dedicated volunteers have been working around the clock to get the sanctuary up and running again. ARM is asking for your kind and generous donations at this time and whilst there are so many who have been hit as bad, or worse, needing assistance .

ARM will need to hire contractors to aid in rebuilding our shelters as well as purchase replacement buildings. Additional items that ARM requires donation or contributions towards, if you are able to help include;

* Industrial size generator of 100 amps if available (capable of pumping water to animal pastures and shelters)
* Stihl chainsaws (2)
* Fencing and roofing materials
* Sand and landfill to replace erosion from water surges,

If you would like to make a donation, you can mail in to ARM at PO BOX 403344, Miami Beach, Florida 33140 or go directly to the contribute link to the top right hand side of this page, and leave a detailed note in the memo line what you desire your contribution to be directed towards.

As a 501 (c)(3) ARM will provide you with a tax certificate also. If you have any questions or require updates, please contact Rachel Taylor at

Thank you for your support at this time and we hope all the best and safety for those who are also being struck by Hurricane Matthew.