Palm Beach, FL – Palm Beach-based designer Gracia Maria today revealed the fully re-imagined, consciously-created, cruelty-free adaptation of her eponymously named fashion and lifestyle brand, Gracia Maria. The all-vegan brand of handcrafted indie-chic footwear; custom created multi-use mandala tapestry; and hand embroidered bags will be made available online in December of 2016 at, and Gracia’s current line of refused fabrics is available on her website also.

Gracia Maria was first established in 2014 as a brand inspired from a lifetime of travels and a coastal bohemian lifestyle. Although even then, Gracia was dedicated to sourcing recycled leathers and consciously sourced materials, her respect and appreciation for all living creatures inspired her to rebuild her brand to offer solely vegan designer wear and lifestyle products.

Gracia Maria Clothing

“I believe that until we expand our compassion and respect for all living creatures we will not live in harmony or find peace”

Gracia Maria

garcia-maria-logoThe new Gracia Maria line of cruelty-free footwear features a collection of gladiators, flats, boots, and sandals, all within a neutral, earth tone color palette with rich, colorful accents, such as tassels, beading, pom poms and fringe.  The entire line was created with materials of recycled leather, jute, durable threads, and jean.  Upon each pair of shoes, one of several spiritual mantras, such as the Om Shanti, which is the mantra meaning peace for all human kind, can be found inscribed on the soul. For every product purchased, Gracia will donate a percentage of proceeds to the Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), a non-profit investigative organization dedicated to eliminating severe animal cruelty operations worldwide. Every purchase will also be accompanied by a handwritten note from Gracia explaining the meaning of that mantra, as well her expression of gratitude for the compassionate, humanitarian decision made for purchasing a vegan product and for the donation it has made to the welfare of animals.

gracia-maria-2In addition to its fundamental offerings of fashion-forward footwear, Gracia Maria has expanded, for the first time featuring a full line of vegan lifestyle products, including handcrafted bags, women’s spiritual Mantra cotton tees, and herown customized version of the mandala tapestry, the Wanderer Rag.

Gracia’s eclectic line of handbags are made with a variety of materials and finishes, bringing together wool, rope, jute, recycled leather, coins, and mirrors, to create an innovative collection- from a pom-pom fringed beach basket, to a weekend traveler, to a selection of clutches and everyday bag-  each  also embroidered with a spiritual mantra.

Gracia’s custom-created, versatile Wanderer Rags were designed to provide warmth, comfort and cover for a variety of life’s colorful experiences.  Made with terry fabric on one side and sarong on the other, the ultra-lightweight traveling tapestries come in round or square, in double or personal size, and in a variety of colorful prints and patterns.  Each Wanderer Rag also comes embroidered with the brand’s signature spiritual mantra.

Gracia Maria also works in partnership with the Santa Monica Women’s Prison in Peru, providing the prison’s female inmates the opportunity to earn a wage for production support, which in turn can be used to finance their own line of shoes to then sell to the public, thereby increasing support to their children and families.

About Gracia Maria

Gracia was born in Lima, Peru into a family of fashion moguls. Her grandfather was a shoemaker and owner of one of the largest tanneries in Peru and her mother was the editor of a high-end fashion magazine. Gracia herself entered the industry at an early age when, at just 16, she started traveling the world as a fashion model, gathering experiences along the way that inspired her creative desires and influenced her design aesthetic. She moved to Palm Beach in 2002, where she resides today with her muse, young son, Thomasito. After a year of planning, designing and building up a team of craftsman and industry experts, Gracia returned to Peru in 2014 to open her workshop and create the cruelty-free fashion and lifestyle brand that exists today as Gracia Maria, which is supported in Peru by design partner Mercedes Salem, whose 10+ years in South America’s high fashion scene ensures the Gracia Mariabrand continues to gain exposure among key industry influencers- both internationally and domestically. Learn more at or follower her footsteps at #walkwithgrace.