Although ARM is an investigations organization, we ensure that we see our operations through from beginning to end. Our recovered animals spend out their days in pre approved sanctuaries after our raids and operations. However, we often support our alliances to post adoptions from several of our joint efforts.


Age: 6 years.
Breed: Mix breed/Cattle dog.
Sex: Feale (fixed).
Weight:  35 pounds.

Elaine is an absolute sweetie and full of energy and character. She is also happy to snuggle up by your feet with a bone . Elaine has had a very tough past. She was a puppy mill breeding dog and then was thrown out on the street. She has been in and out of rescues and finally dumped onthe streets near an illegal slaughter farm that ARM was investigating. She needs to find a forever loving home and fast !

There is nothing wrong with her. She is good with cats and most dogs. She would be a great all round dog with a little love and basic training.  ARM is willing to send her wherever she needs to go to the right home.