Horse slaughter in South Florida: 1 dead, 2 missing

In the early hours of March 26th, 2019, ARM Investigators responded to a call of a gruesome scene in Homestead, South Florida involving horse slaughter. One horse was stabbed multiple times in the heart and two horses are currently missing from the same area. They are presumed to have been slaughtered and their meat sold on the black market for human consumption.

During the night, unidentified criminals cut through the wire fence that lead to the area where the 13 year old Paso Fino mare, named Destiny, was being kept. Whilst on the crime scene, ARM investigators documented a bloody trail that unraveled a harrowing tale of Destiny’s struggle to escape the culprits. Destiny was able to break free and fled her way back into the property, yet eventually she succumbed to the fatal wounds and she slowly bled out to death.

During the investigation, ARM also surveyed a dumping kill area close to the crime scene. The remains of multiple horses were found in this desolate, ungoverned area.

This investigation continues with the search for those responsible for the crimes upon Destiny. A reward of $20,000 is being offered to information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person / persons responsible for this heartless crime.

Information related to these incidents should be directed to Animal Recovery Mission by visiting or by calling 786-877-2013.

Stay tuned for updated information here and on ARM’s social media.

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Press Release

Ruling Reversed

Breaking News: ARM creates state wide case law

animal cruelty ruling reversed

Breaking news developed for ARM today, July 25th, 2018, following a decision by the Third district Florida appeals court, to reverse a previous ruling on an illegal animal slaughter farm investigation that ARM investigators initiated in 2013.

After more than two years after its evidence was presented, The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) received a final ruling on a Miami-Dade case where video and audio evidence showed animals being slaughtered at the hands of Yonisley Garcia at his illegal slaughter farm in Florida, titled,  ‘Operation Noche Buena’.

At the release of the investigation upon Operation Noche Buena, Yonisley Garcia was arrested. ARM’s  footage captured Garcia conducting a public business of selling and slaughtering animals for humane consumption. It also demonstrated Garcia, and workers of the business, executing extreme degrees of animal cruelty and torture including; dragging pigs with Gaffhooks, bludgeoning animals to death with hammers, slaughtering animals inhumanely and drowning pigs alive in cauldrons of bowling water.

However, during his prosecution, Garcia’s defense team argued that the video and audio obtained by ARM investigators was conducted illegally. The defense also presented to the court that the events which occurred on private property, were captured by ARM representatives who had not disclosed that they were carrying recording devices.

Today the Third District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee reversed the ruling made by Judge Murphy in the State vs. Yonisley Garcia case. The audio and video obtained by ARM Investigators will now be allowed in trial and used as evidence. Click here to view the Appeal Court ruling.

This case will be remanded to the trial court for rehearing, where the judge will view the evidence (i.e video of a crowd around slaughtering helpless animals) and rule that there is no expectation of privacy,  just as Palm Beach ruled, in ARM’s favor.

This development has not only created new state wide law, but it has set the tone in addressing and re-opening other challenging cases which ARM has endured after presenting its investigative findings. This includes the four illegal animal slaughter farms investigations in Ft Myers, which ARM recently received threats of arrest and prosecution by the State Attorney’s Office in Lee County, Florida. Lee County SAO stated that it was illegal to obtain and submit surreptitious recordings and has even threatened to arrest ARM’s Founder, Richard Couto, and other ARM Operatives. Official agencies declined to prosecute due to ARM’s recordings.

Future developments will be updated here.


operation noche buena

Southern Florida Emergency Animal Seizure

Animal Recovery Mission was called to an emergency situation today, where it was brought to our attention that hundreds of animals were being held in deplorable conditions in Southwest Florida. The facility appeared to be a holding location for sacrificial animals including dogs, goats and birds.

Animals were being held without food or water in dilapidated shacks and cages. The young were not kept with their mothers and we found all animals were both emaciated and terrified.

We are in the process of loading all of the animals into our trailers and bringing them back to our Sanctuary. Between the Lee County raids and today’s discovery of hundreds of severely malnourished and suffering animals, your donations are more important than ever.

Every single animal we recovered today will require significant veterinary care and feed to ensure survival in our sanctuary. Anything you can do to help will directly benefit the well-being of these new rescues, who are desperately in need of care.

Please, please consider making a donation to help directly care for the veterinary and feeding needs of today’s rescued animals

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Arrested for Animal Cruelty at Larson Dairy

Breaking News Arrests- Larson Dairy Farm, Florida.

Breaking news on June 6th, 2018 led to the discovery of two additional arrests that were made upon animal abusers of the Larson Dairy Farm. Larson Dairy Farm was one of the four dairy farms in Okeechobee, Florida, where ARM conducted undercover investigations as a part of it’s newly created Factory Farm division.

Learn more about these investigations by clicking on the links below:

Larson Dairy Farm
McArthur Dairy Farm
Burnham Dairy Farm
Davie Dairy Farm

Animal abusers, Juan Carrasco and Juan Carlos Hernandez Video from Larson Dairy, were recently arrested for animal cruelty charges upon dairy cows, which were captured on film during ARM’s investigations.

ARM’s Founder, Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto, made a statement upon this breaking news following it’s release;

“Larson Dairy’s violence towards animals, is both disturbing and horrific. It saddens me knowing that these cows are still in the hands of such abusers. “As we will prove in the coming weeks, the unfortunate reality is that the abusive practices we found at Larson are a plague across much of the dairy industry. We are committed to ensuring those responsible are brought to justice.” 

Information will be updated here as this case evolves.