BREAKING NEWS UPDATE!: Coco Farm’s, Gregario Santa Ana, learns his fate as a convicted felon !

On Tuesday, March 15th, 2016, Gregario Santa Ana, the puppeteer behind the Coco Farm Illegal animal slaughter farm, finally faced his fate.

ARM’s grueling undercover investigations ran over the duration of 2014 to 2015 and led to what became renown for the largest illegal animal slaughter farm operation in the United States. ARMs independent investigations, combined with the efforts of state and local law enforcement agencies, official agencies and the Miami Dade State Attorney’s office, succeeded in closing this ‘torture farm of horrors’ doors permanently, after 40 years of unrestrained business.

Not only was Coco Farms trading and killing animals for religious sacrifice and for human consumption to the public, they were supplying meat illegally to public restaurants-without the consumers knowledge.

In addition, ARM investigators who went undercover into Coco Farm, revealed some of the most gut wrenching, unimaginable mistreatment, torture, abuse, neglect and butchering of animals alive unlike any that ARM had ever witnessed.

And in the courthouse of Miami Dade in 2016, bound to a wheel chair due to a chronic life threatening illness, Santa Ana pled guilty to all 26 counts of animal cruelty charges and was judicated his sentence as a convicted felon.

In his Plea agreement ,(See below) Santa Ana must adhere to some of the strictest probation requirements or he faces serious state prison time in which he will not be granted any bail or bond options.

Whilst controversy surrounds this case as to WHY Santa Ana, with such convincing charges and concrete evidence, did not receive state prison time. Whilst the theories swirl around his health, it is not the case. Unfortunately for this monumental investigation, the lead detective compromised the case in which the plea agreement, that took months of contesting, was the best option agreed upon.

Although, it is not normal for ARM to accept the option of a plea deal it is still a grand victory for ARM. Santa Ana, as outlined in detail in the Plea Agreement can never have any type of association with any animal or business ever again.

One offender remains to be sentenced in the coming months. ARM will keep this page updated as the story evolves. For more information on this investigation and animal rescue click on the link here:

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