Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto is the Founder, Chief Executive Director and Lead Investigator of The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM). Before ARM’s inception in 2010, Kudo was a board member and investigator for the local SPCA. He was responsible for shining the light on illegal animal and horse slaughter farms in South Florida.

During a cruelty call in assisting law enforcement, Kudo and the SPCA arrived at an illegal slaughter farm. It is here that he met his future and destiny in the form of a thoroughbred racehorse named Freedom’s Flight. After researching his lip tattoo , the horse traced back to being a descendant of Secretariat – one of America’s famed racehorses. Freedom’s Flight was found tied to a tree, left begging to die and riddled with disease and the racing injury that ended his legendary reign. He was next in line to be butchered alive before Kudo, along with the SPCA, arrived that day.

Kudo established ARM in 2010 after SPCA workers and board members started receiving death threats and political threats from high ranking public officials. Kudo has educated himself in every law and matter relating to these illegal operations in the USA and is highly regarded professionally and publicly. His knowledge of these crimes relating to animals has become invaluable to official departments and he is now an advisor to City, State and Federal agencies.

Once a one man crusade, Kudo has now evolved ARM into an unstoppable force and voice for abused and tortured animals worldwide. He also is experienced and qualified in undercover operations, an essential skill and the key to ARM’s successful missions. His main role in the organization is as the Head Investigator, spokesperson and the leader of the pack.

Kudo is originally from Newport, Rhode Island and now resides in Miami Beach, Florida.