In June of 2011, ARM collaborated in one of the largest joint campaigns of animal welfare groups in the USA and Mexico to shed light on the world’s most deplorable animal auctions – The San Bernabe Auction, which lies outside of Mexico City, Mexico. The campaign included Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), Animals Angels, The Equine Welfare Alliance, The Animal Law Coalition, The Anti Fur Society and Mexico’s leading animal advocates, ADASDEM.

Together these organizations worked to release video documentation and footage to the Governor, and next potential President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto. The purpose of the campaign was to urge the government to enforce existing Federal Laws for the welfare of animals at the San Bernabe Market.

The institutions and authorities, federal and local governments, have had full powers to inspect and monitor the auction, and therefore have had the capacity to solve this dilemma, have remained passive and sluggish before our presence. Since the International campaign was launched, ARM has continued to be a strong force and has succeeded in bringing awareness with constant petitions, emails and communications with political leaders in Mexico City.

ARM created and currently maintains the Facebook group titled Mercado San Bernabe. This page has resulted in a wide spread awareness movement, lending international pressure to the Mexican Government and forcing the hand to become active in making changes in the operating of San Bernabe, adhering to sanctioned animal welfares codes of conduct and pursuing responsibility for the misconduct and cruelty inflicted upon the countless animals that have found their way to the Auction.

As a result of ARM’s relentless efforts, we have also received positive responses from the auction proprietors. This is the first time that the San Bernabe Mercado has acknowledged the horrific and cruel conditions of the auction and are expressing a willingness to improve the codes of conduct at San Bernabe.

ARM is dedicated to improving the infrastructure, conditions and inhumane and unimaginable mistreatment towards animals at this auction within the year.