Green Festival Expo

Green Festival Expo – Los Angeles.

This year, ARM returned to Los Angeles as a panelist of the Green Festival Expo. In existence for 15 years as the largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event, this was the inaugural gathering of some of the leading animal advocates who joined forces to present an Animal Defenders Panel at the Expo. The aim, to utilize the established and powerful platform of innovative thinkers and highlight the connection between living a more ‘green’ lifestyle and its correlation between making more compassionate and humane choices regarding animals who co exist with us.

Over three days, thousands of attendees swarmed the Los Angeles convention centre and on Saturday, came to hear the panelists who included; Jane Velez-Mitchell (Jane Unchained), Alison Eastwood (Eastwood Ranch Foundation / Director), Simone Reyes (renown animal advocate & VP of communications for Russell Simmons), Katie Cleary (World Animal News/Peace for Animals), Shaun Monson (Earthlings, Unity), Donna Dennison (Activist & ‘That Snarky Girl’), Rachel Taylor (animal cruelty investigator – Animal Recovery Mission) and Corinna Basler (president of Green Festivals). Amongst the seasoned panelist, a rising animal advocate who is quickly being recognized as the future voice of animals, Joseph Moreno, made a surprise guest appearance. Musician and well known vegan activist, Moby, was also at attendance at the festival along with ‘Conspiracy’s Kip Anderson.

Due to the success and attendance to the Animal Defenders Panel, the Green Festivals will now be incorporating this panel into all of the events which are hosted throughout the major cities of the United States. This is an incredible opportunity for both animal advocates voices to be heard and for society to become educated on the importance of leading a vegan lifestyle and how it also benefits the planet as well as ourselves and the animals.

ARM looks forward to being a part of these educational and inspiring festivals in the future. To learn more about these amazing festivals, visit:

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BE FAIR BE VEGAN Campaign – New York City


Animal advocacy today, is considered to be the largest social justice movement since the abolition of slavery. Exploitations against animals basic rights to life are now a direct result of extreme degrees of speciesism and consumerism. Millions of innocent animals are used for consumption, fashion, research and entertainment every single day. What is even more alarming, is that the human race has become oblivious to the forms of torture that animals are subjected in order to have mankinds needs met. However, because of the animal advocacy movement, that is promoting messages for a more conscious and humane world,animals voices are now being heard and people are starting to listen.

“The overwhelming response to the Be Fair Be Vegan posters and billboards confirms that a profound, and long overdue, shift in consciousness is finally beginning to happen. Our species privilege gives us only one right: the right to help and protect our fellow animals, not to use them for our own gain. In understanding this, more and more people are also realizing that ending their demand for the products of animal misery is not a choice, but the most basic act of human decency.”,

Joanna Lucas, Campaign Creator and Designer.

The BE FAIR BE VEGAN campaign is one of those strong messages that is currently taking over the streets of one of the busiest cities in the world. Be Fair Be Vegan, is a revolutionary and high profile campaign that features moving billboards to send one of the most important and history making animal justice messages of our time. The campaign’s powerful imagery is intended to raise awareness of the lives of animals who are being resolved to society as mere objects to utilize, consume and discard.

“I believe that the BeFairBeVegan campaign is much-needed because, in addressing our speciesist attitudes toward other animals, it encourages us to consider that our core similarities are far deeper than our surface differences. Now, more than ever, the world needs to hear this message.”

Joaquin Phoenix (Actor and Animal Advocate)


Three presentations are being used to convey the message of animal rights in the hopes to spark a correlation between animals and humans who share the same feelings, emotions and ultimately should be treated the same, as sentient beings. The presentations; “Like Us”, “Which One?” and ‘Different but Equal’ are being rotated on two minute loops throughout the campaign. In addition to the billboards, 200 poignant posters are placed throughout NYC in the hot spot, high traffic areas of the bustling city, to resonate with the millions of people that pass them ever single day.

The only way to end atrocities against animals, is to work towards ending the consumption of and use of animal products all together.

-Founder of Animal Recovery Mission -Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto

The ‘Be Fair Be Vegan’ campaign will be running from August 8th – September 4th 2016. To learn more on this campaign visit the official website at and follow social media platforms;

Facebook: Twitter: @BeFairBeVegan


Be Fair Be Vegan poster campaign gallery.

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The Dairy Industry

The Dairy Dilema

Farm animals are the most abused yet the least protected species of animals on this planet and one of the most disturbing and inhumane industries regarding farm animals today is the dairy and veal industry. With undercover investigations on the behind the scenes in animal slaughter and dairy plants, educational programs and social media storms,

Dairy cows are kept hooked up to milking machines for

60% of the time. They are deprived from the outdoors

for most of their lives.

people across the globe are now becomming more educated and conscious of their intake of dairy and animal by-products, as well as the truth behind their operations.

However, the world is changing. Here are a few facts about the dairy industry and some ways to encourage people to make individual steps, to not only consuming less dairy products and helping improve animal welfare, but also to aid in their own health.

Newborn calves are torn from their mothers hours

from birth and confined to veal crates.

First, a highlight of the sad facts. did you know:

FACT: Like humans, dairy cows must give birth in order to produce milk for her baby. They also carry their young for nine months.

FACT: Unlike humans who are allowed to rear and bond with their babies, dairy cows are separated often within an hour of birth. The cow is left distressed and panicked and the baby is locked away in a cramped veal crate. The males live a few months (if lucky) before being slaughtered for their meat and the females (a percentage) face the same fate as their mothers.

FACT: The dairy cows are constantly kept pregnant and are continually artificially inseminated to produce milk for people to drink.

FACT: Cows today,are forced to be milked 3-4 times a day and produce up to an astonishing 12 times more milk than they would naturally produce for their calf.

FACT: 90% of dairy cows are confined indoors and hooked to milking machines 60% of the time.Because of the due hardship and stress of constant pregnancy, perpetual lactation and un-natural confinement, the life span of a dairy cows is reduced from a natural 20-25 years down to 4 to 5 years of age. Once they cant produce milk at the high expectations, their tired bodies are slaughtered for their meat.

FACT: The veal industry is considered as a by product of the dairy industry. With continual births, there is a surplus of babies.

FACT: Cows are also given hormone producing drugs that can cause cancer and serious health effects in humans. They also cause painful mastitis in the cow herself.

FACT: Humans are the ONLY mammals that drink milk after they are weaned.

But there is great news !!

You have the ability to make a difference by cutting down on your consumption, or eliminating it all together. And there are alot of health benefits too. There are also many health misconceptions that many medical journals and professors are conducting studies on the adverse effects of dairy in your diet.

Read more here:

ARM’s Favorite Dairy Alternatives!

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