Animal Killer and abuser – Jorge Garcia Sentenced following undercover investigations.

Victory! Violent Animal Killer sentenced and incarcerated!

On March 26th, 2016, Jorge Garcia, owner and mastermind behind the illegal animal slaughter house ‘Rancho Garcia’,was served his final sentencing at the Palm Beach County Courthouse. This lead to a grand victory for ARM and its tireless efforts to ensure maximum jail time and a harsher penalty for these crimes then he had previously been handed.

The sentence followed last months trial where a panel of jurors found Garcia guilty on all four counts of animal cruelty charges after viewing ARM’s undercover footage of its six months investigations and listening to testaments from Veterinarians and agents. Garcia has been incarcerated in the county jail since the verdict. Click here to learn more about this investigation.

The honorable Judge, Samantha Schosberg Feuer, listened to the final witness statements of ARM’s Founder / Investigator Richard Couto and Palm Beach County’s seasoned animal cruelty investigator, Jen Batchelor as they expressed their request for maximum sentence to Garcia for the torture and abuse he had handed countless animals over the past 20 years. Ms Batchelor begged the judge to serve what was fitting after the numerous calls and complaints she had received on the Garcia property over her tenure time with ACC. Richard Couto stated that :

The violence that ARM witnessed during our undercover investigations was difficult for even my most seasoned investigators. what we saw… the way Garcia treated the animals with such disrespect, even enjoying the torture (of the animals) as they butchered them shocked us all to our core. Animals were eating off of each other, they were emaciated and deathly sick….

Defense Attorney, Andrew Stine then called upon his sole witness, Nestor Garcia, who stated he had been to the farm multiple times and seen nothing but the animals treated the same way as he does. Alarmingly he admitted that the method in which Garcia was killing his animals was the same as he himself killed animals. Instantly putting the entire courtroom and judge on edge. He even stated that : I was waiting for ARM to come and knock on my door.

After a brief recess, the judge returned to execute her final decision .She stated that the conditions on the farm were deplorable and other animals besides the ones displayed in evidence for the jury, were tortured and brutalized as well. Prior to her penalty decision, she stated:

I have thought a lot about second chances, but in this case I dont believe that you (Garcia) can ever be rehabilitated because you see nothing wrong with what your doing, despite the fact Garcia has already had his second chance yet went straight back to what he was doing. … It is time that you (Garcia) starts taking responsibility for your actions.

Jude Schosberg Feuer also referred to the defendants witness and his closing statement, stating that

“With the testimony or not about slaughter (Nestor Garcias closing statement), it doesn’t mean it is legal… Animals can’t report their pain and feelings through verbal communications…..the farm was in deplorable conditions and the animals lived in squalor “.

The judge then sentenced animal killer Jorge Garcia to 365 days in jail with no eligibility of house arrest. Once out of jail, he will not be allowed ownership of animals, cannot slaughter animals, reside with anyone who has animals or literally have any interaction, contact or involvement with any species of animal including his own dog. The judge also ordered that Garcia take a mandatory 10 hour training course of the humane treatment of animals. Garcia will not be allowed to carry or posses firearms and will receive random inspections from law enforcement.

Garcia remained emotionless throughout the Judges closing, even after their was an outburst in the courtroom of Garcia’s father who was sitting behind ARM in the courtroom. At the final reading Garcia’s father attempted to raise his walking cane to the back of Richard Couto’s head and had to be monitored by the court marshals.

The diligence of the State Attorneys was well observed throughout the trail and the innocent animals now received justice for their suffering.
ARM wishes to express it;’s gratitude to State Attorney Judith Arco and Jo Wolinsky, the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office and to Animal Care and Control for working on this case! SA Judith Arco displayed composed emotion and dedication to the closing statements and stated that :

…The State was under no illusion that he (Garcia) would not go back and do what he’s been doing all his life, cause he sees nothing wrong with it. …People don’t change like this….

This is an example of what can come if you abuse, torture and kill animals in this manner, and is just the first case out of several from the illegal operations which were raided by ARM and Law enforcement in October 2015.

On July 26th, 2016, the case of Rathibum (Medina Slaughter Farm) is set to appear in court for his trail and conviction., Medina Farms was the second of the three illegal animal slaughter farms raided alongside Rancho Garcia.

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BREAKING NEWS: Jury is unanimous on finding Jorge Garcia guilty on four counts of animal cruelty

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Jury finds Jorge Garcia of Rancho Garcia illegal animal slaughter farm, guilty of four counts of animal cruelty

Today, March 30, 2016, was the second and last day of trial for Jorge Garcia, owner and main operator of the illegal animal slaughter farm, “Rancho Garcia”. Trial for Garcia commenced yesterday, March 29, 2016 with the honorable judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer residing. Both Garcia’s defense attorney, Andrew Stein and the State Attorney, Judith Arco, presented their cases to the jury along with witness testimonies.

Evidence collected and shown to the jury was Animal Recovery Mission’s undercover investigation which clearly displayed the blatant lack of respect Garcia and his employees have for animals lives by inflicting every form of extreme torture upon them. The manner in which Garcia and his employees slaughtered the animals were extremely cruel, ruthless and most importantly illegal and Inhumane. ARM’s undercover video evidence of the illegal slaughter was presented by Arco, along with the testimonies of ARM’s undercover investigator and expert veterinarian, both claiming that the animals deaths were drawn out, Inhumane, and do not support the legal means of slaughter. Andrew Stein made several false accusations towards ARM’s reason behind it’s investigations and included that the way in which the animals were killed were humane and followed the laws guidelines of slaughter for consumption or religion. According to state law however, Garcia and his employees did not render the animals insensible to pain prior to the slaughtering which makes for illegal means of animal slaughter for human consumption and any religious purposes. Following these allegations, Stine did not display proper evidence to support his claims and chose not to provide any witness testimonies.

Garcia, being the owner of Rancho Garcia and the advisor of his employees means that the principle theory is at play in this case. Garcia does not have to be present at the time of the crime and can still be found guilty of the crime that is carried out by his employee in which he he oversees on the property that he owns and manages.

Garcia was being tried on two counts of animal cruelty with intent to kill and two counts of animal cruelty by not rendering the animals insensible to pain prior to slaughter.

After 2 days of trial, the jury has come to a final guilty verdict for the brutal animal slaughterer, Jorge Garcia. The jury finds the defendant, Jorge Garcia, guilty to all four counts of animal cruelty charged against him. Judge Schosberg Feuer has decided to grant 30 days before the sentence hearing, during which Garcia will be in jail awaiting the hearing.

Garcia was remanded immediately following the verdict by the judge with a sentencing scheduled for 30 days. Garcia will remain in county jail until that time. His lawyer, Andrew Stine intends to appeal the courts ruling and more updates will be seen here.

However today, this ruling is a major victory for ARM. It is a proof that the evidence that ARM works so tirelessly to obtain, is paying off for its convictions by the judicial system.

To learn more about the investigation, raid and animal rescue of Rancho Garcia, click here:

Garcia’s employee and ‘butcher’, Rafael Ramirez, still remains set to appear in court in May of 2016. He faces the same charges as Garcia. However, Ramirez also faces serious charges of killing horses and selling their meat for human consumption.

Rathibum from Medina Farms, who was also a part of ARM’s lengthy undercover investigations in 2015, still faces his convictions also scheduled for May. He had originally hired Andrew Stine also as his lawyer but fired him after the audio and video suppression was denied.

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BREAKING NEWS: Rancho Garcia’s request for audio/ video footage from ARM’s investigations to be suppressed – denied in court today

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Rancho Garcia’s request for audio/ video footage from ARMs investigations to be suppressed – denied in court today

Wednesday 16th March, 2016:

The court rooms in West Palm Beach County Court house are heating up with the three extreme animal cruelty cases that have entered into the final prosecution phases of the investigations. These investigations that were conducted independently by ARM, ended with the largest tactical strike raid and animal rescue in US history, executed late in 2015.

With the Rancho Garcia case set to go to trial, defendants Jorge Garcia and Rafael Ramirez, guided by their defense attorney Andrew Stine, today attempted to suppress ARM’s audio and video footage of it’s undercover investigations upon the illegal animal slaughter farm, and horse slaughter operation.

What they didn’t expect, was that for the second time in just over a month, the judge ruled to deny the plea. The first attempt was made from the Medina farm operators with the same outcome and for the same reasoning, being that neither of the illegal slaughter farms that were publicly butchering animals and selling their meat for human consumption, had any clear expectations of privacy. Therefore the judge did not see a valid enough point to throwing out audio and video footage obtained over the six month period.

This now tallies three victories for ARM of the defendants who attempted to suppress critical footage of some of the worst and most brutal animal torture, neglect, suffering and butchering alive, on each of the illegal slaughter farm operations.

Had this footage been suppressed it would most certainly have effected ARM’s otherwise strong case. Instead, the judges rulings in ARM’s favor is setting the tone for monumental success in the movement for animal protection and are paving way to a new era of not only putting an end to illegal and inhumane animal cruelty operations, but they are also setting a standard of harsher penalties if convicted of such heinous crimes.

State Attorney prosecutor Judy Arco, who represents the States case in this matter, presented evidence that the farms’ gates were open, that the property was easily visible from the road with no barrier and along with the testimony of ARM’s key witness, that there were signs promoting business and sales as well as a consistent flow of customers on a regular basis.

The case for both Garcia and Ramirez are set for trial later this month and the trial of Medina is set for May, after they fired Stine as their lawyer following the audio and video suppression was denied for their case.

ARM will stay updated on these cases as they unfold.

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BREAKING NEWS: Coco Farm’s , Gregario Santa Ana, a convicted felon.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE!: Coco Farm’s, Gregario Santa Ana, learns his fate as a convicted felon !

On Tuesday, March 15th, 2016, Gregario Santa Ana, the puppeteer behind the Coco Farm Illegal animal slaughter farm, finally faced his fate.

ARM’s grueling undercover investigations ran over the duration of 2014 to 2015 and led to what became renown for the largest illegal animal slaughter farm operation in the United States. ARMs independent investigations, combined with the efforts of state and local law enforcement agencies, official agencies and the Miami Dade State Attorney’s office, succeeded in closing this ‘torture farm of horrors’ doors permanently, after 40 years of unrestrained business.

Not only was Coco Farms trading and killing animals for religious sacrifice and for human consumption to the public, they were supplying meat illegally to public restaurants-without the consumers knowledge.

In addition, ARM investigators who went undercover into Coco Farm, revealed some of the most gut wrenching, unimaginable mistreatment, torture, abuse, neglect and butchering of animals alive unlike any that ARM had ever witnessed.

And in the courthouse of Miami Dade in 2016, bound to a wheel chair due to a chronic life threatening illness, Santa Ana pled guilty to all 26 counts of animal cruelty charges and was judicated his sentence as a convicted felon.

In his Plea agreement ,(See below) Santa Ana must adhere to some of the strictest probation requirements or he faces serious state prison time in which he will not be granted any bail or bond options.

Whilst controversy surrounds this case as to WHY Santa Ana, with such convincing charges and concrete evidence, did not receive state prison time. Whilst the theories swirl around his health, it is not the case. Unfortunately for this monumental investigation, the lead detective compromised the case in which the plea agreement, that took months of contesting, was the best option agreed upon.

Although, it is not normal for ARM to accept the option of a plea deal it is still a grand victory for ARM. Santa Ana, as outlined in detail in the Plea Agreement can never have any type of association with any animal or business ever again.

One offender remains to be sentenced in the coming months. ARM will keep this page updated as the story evolves. For more information on this investigation and animal rescue click on the link here:

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