ARM’s Alliances & Partnerships

ARM often works in conjunction with our trusted alliances when recovering animals, particular joint campaigns and in regards to the racing industry.

ARM’s Collaborating Official Departments

  • Florida State Attorney
  • Federal Law enforcement Agencies
  • Florida Gang Task Force Unit
  • Florida Department of Agriculture
  • County and State Law Enforcement
  • Environmental protection agencies – (EPA) (DEP)
  • City, County and State Compliance Departments
  • USDA – (United States Department of Agriculture)
  • Florida House os Representatives
  • Florida State Senate
  • US Department of The Interior

ARMs Collaborating Organizations

  • A.P.A.S.D.E.M ( Mexico)
  • Respect 4 Horses
  • Animis Sanctuary
  • Wild Horse Rescue Center
  • Return to Freedom